Thursday, 23 April 2015

exterminate! exterminate!

Would be Prime Minister and all round buffoon Nigel Farage wants the BBC to stop making the sort of quality programmes that has made British television the envy of the world and hand over our choice of viewing to the "commercial sector".

A wise decision too. Who wants to watch "Life on Earth" when we could be enthralled by "Ancient Aliens".

"Sherlock" v "Celebrity Big Brother". No competition.

And let's face it, if we really have to decide between "Doctor Who" and "Psychic Detectives" I know which I would choose.

If we scrap the TV licence, that's an extra £145.50 to go towards the £1000 a year Sky contract we all seem happy to pay for.

Here is an example of what BBC1 offers us on Sunday compared with Sky1.

6:00pm - Celebrity Mastermind
6:30pm - News
7:00pm - Countryfile

8:00pm - Antiques Roadshow

9:00pm - Poldark

6:00pm - The Simpsons
6:30pm - The Simpsons
7:00pm - The Simpsons
7:30pm - The Simpsons
8:00pm - The Simpsons
8:30pm - The Simpsons
9:00pm - Hawaii Five-O

I don't know if this is official UKIP policy; I haven't read their manifesto so I can't say. What I can say is I wouldn't be surprised if it is. Pretty much what we can expect from this bunch of swivel eyed crackpots. 


There is a major debate going on at the moment about genetically modified organisms and whether they are safe. I'm no expert which is why I tend to take the advice of those who are.

I always wondered why you only ever get anti GMO protesters in countries where the majority of the population is obese.

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