Friday, 17 April 2015

Let there be light

Recently, I posted an item about Peabody taking over the running of Thamesmead. There was a picture of the footpath running along the back of Castilian School which showed a broken pavement, badly damaged by tree roots and covered in rotting leaves that had been left there for months. It also mentioned the street light which, in my experience, has never worked. 

This is my usual route between home and the pub so lets just say it gets used a lot.

Imagine my surprise then when, just a week or so ago, what did I see, but a brand new street lamp, shining like the clappers and illuminating what has never been seen before, i.e. the ground after the Sun has set.

The path is still the litter strewn and uneven death trap it always was and the street light at the end of the footpath which has also never worked still doesn't. It's a start though and who knows, they may fix the rest of it one day.

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