Tuesday, 17 March 2015

did nasa fake buzz aldrin's visit to stonehenge?

Image taken from a BBC news article about a "so called" visit to
Stonehenge by the NASA Astronaut Buzz Aldrin

English Heritage have released a picture "supposedly" showing Buzz Aldrin standing in front of Stonehenge but anyone can see it has been faked. In this image, Aldrin appears to be almost as tall as the stones themselves; whoever has set this picture up clearly has no idea how big Stonehenge is. 

What I suspect is that this picture has been taken on the Moon; the lower gravity would allow him to jump higher until his head was almost touching the lintels, as it appears here.

An even bigger give away is the blue sky behind him. England? Salisbury Plain? March? Blue sky? I don't think so. In any case, if there was a blue sky, the Sun would be shining so where are the shadows?

When is NASA going to admit they have never been to Stonehenge and the entire thing was faked to fool the Russians?

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