Tuesday, 20 February 2018


Many children who were strapped into car seats at an early
age have gone on to develop autism, yet parents are not
given any choice on whether to use them.
The tragic number of deaths and injuries caused by the measles epidemic in Europe continues to rise unabated;  caused solely by the fall in the number of children being vaccinated. Over 20,00 in 2017 with 35 reported deaths.

Spurred on by the the irrational fears of the uneducated and ill informed and encouraged by commercial interests in the "so-called" alternative health and medicine industry, we are now seeing ever more children dying unnecessarily or being permanently injured by a disease that should have gone the way of Smallpox years ago.

One could argue that it isn't people's fault for being stupid; governments should be doing more to protect children when it becomes clear that their parents won't. Several European countries have made childhood immunisation programmes compulsory and it's about time we did it here.

You're not allowed to drive around with a child unrestrained in the car even though there is a clear connection between the number of babies that have been put into car seats and the increase in autism but try telling that to the Judge.

Child abuse is child abuse and no-one should be able to just pick and choose which sort should be legal and which not.


The case reaches it's climax on 27th Feb when he appears at Sevenoaks Magistrate Court, armed with some seriously impressive evidence. Maxine Fothergill will then explain to the Judge how the reporting of an accusation of libel is harassment when the accusation itself isn't. She will also indubitably have a good reason why she didn't think that Bexley Council accusing her of misconduct and publishing the details on their website was harassment but when Malcolm Knight mentioned the fact on his blog, suddenly it did.

Sunday, 18 February 2018

A few bits and pieces today to catch up.

I've been following Malcolm Knight's blog "Bexley is Bonkers" more closely that usual during his fight against harassment by Kent Police and noticed a story not connected with this particular incident.

It seems he was visited by someone from Thames Water who offered him some less than useful advice on how to save water and it reminded me of a similar visit I had a couple of years back from the same organisation.

I was told  (you may want to prepare yourselves for this) if I switch off a tap, it will use less water that if I left it running. Advice that has served me well ever since.

Yesterday (Saturday) was "World Pangolin Day": It was also "Random Acts of Kindness Day". So if you happen to come across a Pangolin that's looking a bit down, show it an act of kindness; that way you can kill two birds with one stone. Unless you want to be kind to birds as well; that could cause a bit of a conundrum. Tell you what, just go down the pub and get drunk instead. Bollocks to the Pangolins and don't expect me to buy you a drink either.

Today is "Flirting Day". Looks like it's back down the pub then.

I think it's World Moron Day as well.

This piece of cretinous nonsense turned up on my Facebook page this morning. Someone has regurgitated the old Daily Star "Easter is Banned" headline from a couple of years ago, pointing out that chocolate eggs being sold in the shops don't have the word "Easter" on the box and claiming this is some attempt at political correctness. 

These things never have had Easter written on the box of course, but don't let the facts get in the way of a good rant. You can read my brilliant piece on the subject here. If you do, you will see the picture of a 1970 Smarties egg, minus the word Easter.



The Dunlin are putting on an especially good show right now. They are flocking in their hundreds and will soon be off to breed.

Cormorant flying up the river: this is the European 
variant with the white neck feathers.

Male Shoveler. The top one shows him in his Winter plumage and the lower one as he starts to get his breeding colours.

Female Shoveler.

Couple of Curlew.

Lapwing looking good in the Sunshine.

Black-tailed Godwit.


Meadow Pipit.

Friday, 9 February 2018


Picture - Dawn St Clare
They just keep coming: the idiotic pronouncements originating in council offices up and down the country. Today's offering comes courtesy of Stockport Council who have just banned the local school lollipop man, Colin Spencer, aged 83 from giving "high fives" to the children on health and safety grounds. They say he should stop and "concentrate on ensuring highway safety".

They have said he can do his high fives on the pavement so that's all right then. I'm thinking of starting a "council twat of the year competition". What do readers think?

Picture - Julie Marlow/Twitter


By now, you should all have heard the story of how Sainsbury's were charging 50p more for a Valentine's Day card "for my Husband" than an almost identical one "for my Wife". The news media are full of how women are having to pay more for their card to their Husband although why should we assume that it is a woman buying the card which says "for my Husband"? Surprised than no-one has picked up on that yet, apart from me that is. Or perhaps they have.

Still, it doesn't beat the Morrison's Christmas card I saw a couple of years ago which read "a merry Christmas to my dear Wife". They were £5 for three.

Tuesday, 6 February 2018


Just to show that it isn't only Bexley councillors who don't have the brains they were born with, I thought I would return to the issue of councils issuing fines, summonses and carrying out other pointless exercises in the enforcement of mindless regulations in the face of common sense.


Sadly, it seems that the practice of using the Police Force as private enforcers and bully boys by local politicians in order to stifle and silence criticism is not only a problem for Bexley residents. Malcolm Knight, author of "Bexley is Bonkers" blog has been on the receiving end of this treatment on a number of occassions by Bexley Police and is currently facing a court hearing as a result of Kent Police jumping through hoops at the behest of another Bexley councillor.

There is now this story of how Suffolk resident Tony Boxford was threatened by his local Police who turned up at his home making vague threats against him after he made comments about how the council was spending residents tax money. There is also a case pending against another person (I don't know his name at the moment) but is allegedly being considered for prosecution when he reported that a local community group was lying about being a registered charity when they weren't.

COULDN'T GET ANY WORSE..........................

Poor Jeremy Corbyn; with the Tories in complete disarray over Brexit and a leader that couldn't find her arse with a map; he should be cruising ahead in the polls. Unfortunately, he still can't let go of his instinctual kow-towing to the Kremlin's anti-EU stance left over from the cold war and isn't able to offer up any credible opposition to the "let's fly headlong into disaster" position of his Brexiteer opponents. Then, to cap it all, Gerry Adams backs him as the next Prime Minister.

What is he going to have to do to change his luck?

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Bexley is Bonkers is a blog published by local campaigner Malcolm Knight. He has long been a thorn in the side of Bexley council and regularly highlights the ludicrous, shady and sometimes downright illegal goings on of councillors and council officials. This has resulted in him being the subject of a campaign of harassment which included the publishing of obscene and homophobic blogs by one local councillor and of being falsely threatened with prosecution by Police acting as lap dogs for the council.

For the last few months he has been reporting (quite sympathetically) on the case (or several cases) of Maxine Fothergill, Bexley councillor for the Collyers ward and who also runs Amex Estates and Property Services

It is in relation to Maxine Fothergill's behaviour towards members of her staff at Amex, who she falsely accused of theft, that has taken up no small amount of Malcolm's time; not least because he made absolutely sure that everything he reported was accurate; much of which taken from official  or other equally reliable sources.

Maxine Fothergill however has decided that Malcolm Knight's accurate reporting of the case brought against her by her ex employees constitutes harassment and made a complaint to the Police. The Police, for reasons known only to themselves decided to bring a prosecution against him despite them now already being in some serious trouble over the way they went about dealing with her lies about her staff members at Amex. (They knew that she had been lying for several months but still kept her innocent victims under suspicion for nearly a year). 

As far as I can gather, the Police have said that it is only necessary for someone to claim they are being harassed for them to take action, the facts of the case are irrelevant. In other words, if I claim you are harassing me, that's enough to see you in court.

As a result of all this, Malcolm Knight now has to appear at Sevenoaks Magistrates Court on 27 February to answer this ludicrous charge. I understand that he is now receiving some proper legal advice which I hope will include the fact that anything he says either directly or indirectly about the case is protected under court immunity rules.

I do hope he take this golden opportunity to disclose any information about the activities of this and any other Bexley councillor that he might not have been able to in his blog.

Please take the trouble to go to Malcolm's site at "Bexley is Bonkers" by following the link; there you will find out the full story and see why it is so important that people like Malcolm Knight can continue to publicise illegal council activity without the threat of prosecution.