Saturday, 25 April 2015

hsbc woes

HSBC is thinking of leaving the country citing "Regulatory and Structural Reforms". 

Anti-corruption law enforcement
Chinese style.
They don't think they will be able to operate in an environment where employees could face prosecution for acting unprofessionally, unethically or illegally and are considering a move to Hong Kong.

They may want to think again. At present, Hong Kong operates it's financial sector generally free of interference from China but there's no guarantee that state of affairs will remain.

The Chinese authorities are trying to clean up their rather tarnished international reputation for fraud and corruption. Those unfortunate enough to be caught out are less likely to be fined and more likely to be marched into a field and shot.

You may have your own opinion on the matter  but personally, I would hate to see crooked bankers being shot. No, really!

green party

for the common good?

An election leaflet for the Green Party just dropped through our letterbox. So far we have had leaflets from Labour, Conservative and the English Nationalists (whoever they are). They have all been consigned unread to the recycling bin but I thought I would have a look at the Green one. (I still haven't decided who I am voting for yet).

Our Green candidate is a lady called Ann Garrett who, it seems, is a performing arts lecturer. Nothing wrong with that I suppose. My Granddaughter is a performing artist and when you see her step up to collect her BAFTA, remember you read it here first. She then goes on to list the many things she has opposed over the years. (Ann Garrett, not my Granddaughter).

One of them, The Cory waste incinerator at Belvedere, burns up to 670 thousand tons of waste every year, most of which is floated down the Thames from London on barges. This waste that would otherwise be driven by truck down to the Dartford Bridge, then up the other side to be dumped in a vast landfill site in Becton is burned in this incinerator and generates 72MW of renewable electricity which goes into the National Grid; enough to power 100,000 homes. Fortunately, this campaign failed.

She was also an active participant in the Brampton Ward NIMBY group that persuaded Boris to cancel our bridge over the Thames. The leaflet doesn't say where she lives but I assume it's not Thamesmead. (Actually, seeing all the groups she is a member of, it looks like she lives in Bromley which is why, I suppose, she would be more in tune with the the middle class views of professional objectors who live out of the area rather that those of us Thamesmead plebs who live in the backside of nowhere ).

Other worthy activities are her member ship of CND, the organisation that would have left the UK defenceless during the Cold War. She is also a member of Bromley Against Fracking and NTAG (Nuclear Trains Action Group). No, I've no idea either.

She is going to fight to abolish the arms trade although doesn't explain how you are going to do that without first bringing about World peace and an end to poverty.

They are going to replace nuclear power stations with renewable energy facilities (not incinerators though), or, to be frank, by using wind farms, hydro-electric dams or tidal power, all of which has been vigorously opposed by her Friends of the Earth chums (she is also a member of FOE). There is no explanation as to why they would get rid of nuclear power stations. They are safe, emission free and produce lots of cheap electricity.

Oh yes! They are also going to encourage healthy lifestyles including sport, leisure and art. This at least, sets them apart from all the other parties who are telling us we should eat more chips and smoke more fags. 

Actually, I haven't received the UKIP leaflet so this may not be as facetious as I thought.

I wish I had kept all the other party leaflets now as reviewing this one has been such fun. Oh well! An opportunity missed.

Greenwich Park

Took a trip up to Greenwich Park a few days ago. Well worth a visit if you like flowers and stuff.

You can still see some of old London if you look hard enough

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