Sunday, 18 February 2018

A few bits and pieces today to catch up.

I've been following Malcolm Knight's blog "Bexley is Bonkers" more closely that usual during his fight against harassment by Kent Police and noticed a story not connected with this particular incident.

It seems he was visited by someone from Thames Water who offered him some less than useful advice on how to save water and it reminded me of a similar visit I had a couple of years back from the same organisation.

I was told  (you may want to prepare yourselves for this) if I switch off a tap, it will use less water that if I left it running. Advice that has served me well ever since.

Yesterday (Saturday) was "World Pangolin Day": It was also "Random Acts of Kindness Day". So if you happen to come across a Pangolin that's looking a bit down, show it an act of kindness; that way you can kill two birds with one stone. Unless you want to be kind to birds as well; that could cause a bit of a conundrum. Tell you what, just go down the pub and get drunk instead. Bollocks to the Pangolins and don't expect me to buy you a drink either.

Today is "Flirting Day". Looks like it's back down the pub then.

I think it's World Moron Day as well.

This piece of cretinous nonsense turned up on my Facebook page this morning. Someone has regurgitated the old Daily Star "Easter is Banned" headline from a couple of years ago, pointing out that chocolate eggs being sold in the shops don't have the word "Easter" on the box and claiming this is some attempt at political correctness. 

These things never have had Easter written on the box of course, but don't let the facts get in the way of a good rant. You can read my brilliant piece on the subject here. If you do, you will see the picture of a 1970 Smarties egg, minus the word Easter.



The Dunlin are putting on an especially good show right now. They are flocking in their hundreds and will soon be off to breed.

Cormorant flying up the river: this is the European 
variant with the white neck feathers.

Male Shoveler. The top one shows him in his Winter plumage and the lower one as he starts to get his breeding colours.

Female Shoveler.

Couple of Curlew.

Lapwing looking good in the Sunshine.

Black-tailed Godwit.


Meadow Pipit.

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