Friday, 9 February 2018


Picture - Dawn St Clare
They just keep coming: the idiotic pronouncements originating in council offices up and down the country. Today's offering comes courtesy of Stockport Council who have just banned the local school lollipop man, Colin Spencer, aged 83 from giving "high fives" to the children on health and safety grounds. They say he should stop and "concentrate on ensuring highway safety".

They have said he can do his high fives on the pavement so that's all right then. I'm thinking of starting a "council twat of the year competition". What do readers think?

Picture - Julie Marlow/Twitter


By now, you should all have heard the story of how Sainsbury's were charging 50p more for a Valentine's Day card "for my Husband" than an almost identical one "for my Wife". The news media are full of how women are having to pay more for their card to their Husband although why should we assume that it is a woman buying the card which says "for my Husband"? Surprised than no-one has picked up on that yet, apart from me that is. Or perhaps they have.

Still, it doesn't beat the Morrison's Christmas card I saw a couple of years ago which read "a merry Christmas to my dear Wife". They were £5 for three.

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