Tuesday, 20 February 2018


Many children who were strapped into car seats at an early
age have gone on to develop autism, yet parents are not
given any choice on whether to use them.
The tragic number of deaths and injuries caused by the measles epidemic in Europe continues to rise unabated;  caused solely by the fall in the number of children being vaccinated. Over 20,00 in 2017 with 35 reported deaths.

Spurred on by the the irrational fears of the uneducated and ill informed and encouraged by commercial interests in the "so-called" alternative health and medicine industry, we are now seeing ever more children dying unnecessarily or being permanently injured by a disease that should have gone the way of Smallpox years ago.

One could argue that it isn't people's fault for being stupid; governments should be doing more to protect children when it becomes clear that their parents won't. Several European countries have made childhood immunisation programmes compulsory and it's about time we did it here.

You're not allowed to drive around with a child unrestrained in the car even though there is a clear connection between the number of babies that have been put into car seats and the increase in autism but try telling that to the Judge.

Child abuse is child abuse and no-one should be able to just pick and choose which sort should be legal and which not.


The case reaches it's climax on 27th Feb when he appears at Sevenoaks Magistrate Court, armed with some seriously impressive evidence. Maxine Fothergill will then explain to the Judge how the reporting of an accusation of libel is harassment when the accusation itself isn't. She will also indubitably have a good reason why she didn't think that Bexley Council accusing her of misconduct and publishing the details on their website was harassment but when Malcolm Knight mentioned the fact on his blog, suddenly it did.

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