Saturday, 28 May 2016


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Boris Johnson, ex Mayor of London and "Man Who Would Be King", (or Leader of the Tory Party anyway), has compared the European Union with Nazi Germany.

This serious claim needs to be examined fully and the Thamesmead Grump is the man to do it.

So, let's compare the two:-

Fascist totalitarian state controlled by Adolf Hitler.

Believes the Germanic people are the Master Race.

Ruthlessly supresses political opponents who are killed, imprisoned or exiled.

Opresses the Christian Church and imprisons many of its leaders.

Prevents career and educational opportunities for women, believing them to be more suited as mothers and homemakers.

Signed a pact with Russia to invade Poland.

Set up extermination camps to eliminate inferior races such as Jews, Romany people, homosexuals, etc.

        Nazi Germany        European Union

                Yes                            Yes

                Yes                            Yes

                 Yes                            Yes

                 Yes                            Yes

                 Yes                            Yes

                 Yes                             Yes

                  Yes                            Yes

So there you have it, Boris was right. The EU is like the Third Reich in all the ways that matter. 

Can't understand why the BNP wants us to leave though.

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