Wednesday, 22 August 2018


Michael Cohen
The latest episode in his car crash of a presidency, Donald Trump's ex lawyer Michael Cohen has just admitted to breaking finance laws in connection with the presidential election in 2016. As part of a plea bargaining agreement, he has admitted that he paid hush money to an assortment of women that Donald Trump has had affairs with over the years. 

As this was, in his own words, "with the intention of influencing the outcome of the election", the payments should have been declared as campaign expenses. Needless to say, they weren't.

His most damming claim is that the payments were made "at the direction of the candidate". That's Donald Trump, in case you are not paying proper attention.

Trump himself however is claiming that Michael Cohen was making up the stories to get a deal.

This leaves an intriguing question. If Michael Cohen made up the story about making the payments, then he must be innocent and should therefore be acquitted. Why would he need to "get a deal"?

Donald Trump should therefore issue him with a Presidential Pardon in order that justice be properly served. He should of course pardon himself at the same time just to make sure.

On the subject of Donald Trump. For those of you who believe that renewable energy is the way to go; don't be fooled by the hype. Donald certainly isn't and he demonstrated the fact with this concise and erudite speech made to supporters at a fund raising dinner in New York recently.

You remember Hilary with the coal, right?
Sitting with the miners at the table?
That wasn't so good for her.
So the people of West Virginia and all over.
You look at Wyoming.
You look at so many different places where they just.
Pennsylvania, where they loved what we did.
And it's clean coal and we have the most modern procedures.
But it's a tremendous form of energy in the sense that in a military way – think of it – coal is indestructible.
You can blow up a pipeline, you can blow up the windmills. [Makes boom boom boom noises].
Bing [Mimes shooting a large gun].
That's the end of that one.
If the birds don't kill it first.
The birds could kill it first.
They kill so many birds.
You look underneath some of those windmills, it's like a killing field.
The birds.
But you know, that's what they were going to. They were going to windmills.
And you know, don't worry about when the wind doesn't blow.
I said “What happens when the wind doesn't blow? Well then we have a problem”.
OK good.
They were putting them in the areas where they didn't have much wind, too.
And it's a subsidary. [sic] You need subsidy for windmills.
You need subsidy.
Who wants to have energy where you need subsidy?
So, uh, the coal is doing great.


I've used this picture of Himalayan salt because
I thought the "Green Thickies" logo was a bit
The Thamesmead Grump is a bad person. Really, he is. Just look what he has done now.

A lady by the name of Ceecee Molnar (not a typo) has been furiously promoting a food and craft market in Abbey Wood Village. I have no problem with that and good luck to her; may even pay it a visit myself.

As part of her promotion, she has been highlighting some of the wares on offer and one of these is a product called Himalayan pink salt.

Himalayan pink salt which is mined in Northern Pakistan is the usual sodium chloride that you sprinkle on your chips but has a slightly pink colour due to a few trace elements in it. It has been taken on board by the "alternative" health industry as some sort of magical cure-all due to these trace elements and as a result, there is now a huge racket involved in peddling the stuff to gullible idiots. It's promoted by the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, David Wolfe and so on.

All common salt contains other trace elements depending on where it originates but as with all the others, only in tiny amounts. In other words, even if the claims made for the healing qualities of these trace elements were true, you would need to consume huge quantities of it to have any effect: enough in fact, to kill you several times over.

Just to find out if Ceecee actually knew anything about what she was promoting, I (tongue firmly in cheek) asked her if it was gluten and GMO free. Sure enough, the reply came back, no GMOs or gluten here.

The next step is to ask her if she can confirm that it hasn't come into contact with DHMO (Dihydrogen Monoxide) in it's production. Should I or shouldn't I? 

There may be another episode soon.

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