Monday, 27 February 2017


Here's a subject I haven't covered for a while, The apparent case of the Wandering London, or, is it or isn't it.

On today's BBC London news you can see the following stories:-

In this story, we are told that NHS England is investigating "the case of the missing documents". fair enough; London is in England so it might affect us, if it does though, they aren't saying.

Keep Britain Tidy says that some councils aren't doing enough to encourage recycling. It doesn't say which councils so whether any of this applies to London, we will just have to guess.

Someone has been stabbed to death in Leicester. Now when my Wife signed up to the London Air Ambulance Lottery, the guy manning the stand in Morrisons, Thamesmead said that most of their call-outs were to attend incidents of black juveniles stabbing each other so this happens in London as well. A tragic story but why is it in the London news section.

As above, but this case is in Northampton.

Great Britain's Mo Farrah. Okay, London is in Great Britain but Mo isn't; he lives in America. As does his trainer who is being investigated for doping claims. 

While it's possible to mistake parts of London for the Punjab - really!

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