Tuesday, 21 February 2017


It never ceases to amaze me just how stupid people are. How many times are we warned that all these "type amen" type posts are scams? It just doesn't seem to make any difference, people still fall for them. 

This one shown here on a BBC news item, featuring a stolen picture of a baby with chicken pox has attracted over 1.2 million "shares" along with 241 thousand "likes" and 143 thousand "comments".

The baby apparently has cancer and needs money for an operation. This particular scam is claiming that Facebook will donate 2 dollars for each like, 4 dollars for each comment and 8 dollars for each share.

This being the case, the cretinous half-wits who believed this and shared, commented and liked will now be expecting Facebook to put up the 10.75 million dollars promised. That's a lot of money to fix a dose of chicken pox.

Some of these scams are too stupid for words, as are the people who believe them. Recently there was this picture shown here of a dog with a slice of ham on its face. We were told that the poor dog had suffered a terrible injury as a result of a house fire.

It doesn't help, I suppose, that Facebook seem to have a somewhat ambivalent attitude to the whole thing. At any one time, there will be literally thousands of these scams running at the same time and complaints to Facebook are always met with their standard "this post doesn't contravene our community standards policy" response.

According to the BBC report, they are actually going to investigate this one but I wouldn't be surprised if it comes to nothing.

Here is another typical example of the genre, also featuring a stolen photograph.

Quote from Hoax Slayer as follows:-

Picture is Genuine but Stolen From Elsewhere

The photograph depicts Dominic Pio, a baby born with a large facial cleft. Dominic, who was born in June 2012, later had surgery to correct the birth defect and is now reportedly doing well. The callous and morally bankrupt person who created this fake post stole Dominic's post surgery picture from another website and reused it without the permission of his parents.

In the mean time, be warned - if any posts featuring sick children, young women with various limbs photoshopped out, or anything else that anyone with even half a brain would recognise as a scam, we will be having words.

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