Sunday, 16 October 2016


The furore over the disclosure of a number of pro EU articles written by Boris Johnson is understandable but why is everone so surprised he wrote them? Right up to his decision to support the Brexit campaign, he had been a fervent supporter of Britain's continued membership. For at least the whole of the previous year, he had been attending business meetings in the City warning bankers and industrialists of the danger to the economy if we ever left.

Boris Johnson likes to present a bumbling, rather harmless and lovable persona but the reality is very different. He is a cold, calculating self serving hypocrite who cynically chose to support what he assumed at the time would be a hopeless cause in order to become the darling of both big business on the right of the Tory party who were becoming increasingly alarmed at the prospect of having all their tax bolt holes shut down and equally to the normally left leaning but blatantly racist working class rump. 

When the Brexit campaign failed, as it surely would, he would emerge as the hero of the hour, swept to power with huge support from the likes of Rupert Murdoch and other right wing newspapers owned by tax dodging billionaires who finance and largely run the Tory party.

It didn't matter to him that, had the campaign been successful, the consequences for the British economy would be at least as disastrous as he had originally claimed.

It never occurred to him when he joined the Brexit cause that the public would be so stupid as to fall for the chaotic shambles of the "out" campaign with it's contradictions, half truths and downright lies.  It's no coincidence that the supporters of the leave campaign included David Icke, Nigel Farage, the BNP, George Galloway and Donald Trump.

The result of the referendum when it finally came in would have shocked him to the core. He obviously couldn't stand for the leadership of the party now. Whoever took over was going to be on a hiding to nothing while they tried to rescue something from the shambles and pleasing no-one in the process. Who wants to be the 21st century equivalent of Neville Chamberlain?

Here is Boris making a heartfelt plea for Turkey to be allowed to join the EU.

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