Friday, 1 April 2016


Friday morning at Crossness Nature Reserve saw a gathering of protesters, angry with Cory "Environmental" and their plan to build two huge warehouse type buildings on a site next to the reserve and right on top of a rare piece of waste ground vital for the breeding of endangered species such as the Skylark, Ringed Plovers and others.

Armed with posters, kites and a large banner, they demonstrated their feelings in no uncertain terms as can be seen from these pictures.

This seems to have quite alarmed Cory who sent a few of their security people along to keep an eye on events and to look generally menacing. Apparently, even the Police turned up at one point, or so I am told; I didn't see them myself.

Behind these people is one of the fields that Cory are planning
to build on.
I was asked to provide some pictures of the event for publicity purposes which is why you won't see me in any of them. It is all aimed at trying to persuade Bexley Council to turn down the planning application, or at least mitigate some of the damage which will enevitably be caused.

I've already posted information about the Cory proposal so I won't bore you with repeating it all. You can find out more by visiting this site.

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