Saturday, 26 March 2016


On the 22nd of March, that pillar of journalistic excellence, namely "The Daily Star" printed a  story about how Easter eggs had been banned because they offend other religions. The story has been picked up and copied where it has finished up on Facebook in various guises.

It seems to have evolved into naming Cadbury's in particular, with the paper commenting that they can no longer see the word "Easter" on the front of the packaging of Cadbury's Easter eggs. It goes on to point out that the eggs themselves haven't been banned, (although their newspaper headline clearly states that they have), but the word "Easter" has been removed.

This story has been written by a Daily Star journalist who goes by the name of Will Stone. It would be completely improper of me to suggest that his story is anything less than an outstanding piece of investigative journalism. I couldn't, for example, call him a bare-faced liar as I am sure it isn't true.

He uses a number of statements from the manufacturers themselves to back up his claim. Here are a few examples:-

Nestle - "There has been no deliberate decision to drop the word Easter from our products".
Cadbury - "We do not have a policy to drop Easter from our eggs".
Sainsbury's - "We sell a wide range of Sainsbury's Easter eggs and do not have a policy relating to the word "Easter".
(Daily Star 22 March 2016)

So there you have it, a complete admission from all the major companies that they have bowed to political correctness and destroyed an essential part of our religious tradition.

Following an in depth investigation by The Thamesmead Grump, I can reveal the following facts.

The word "Easter" is indeed missing from the front of the packaging of nearly all the Easter eggs on display in the Thamesmead branch of Morrison's. In fact, the only ones that did have the word "Easter" on the front was a solitary and rather lonely looking Marmite one. (Yes! A Marmite Easter egg). 

What the Daily Star failed to mention was the fact that supermarkets had to demand action as result of a number of nasty accidents. Apparently, when people of other religions walked past the Easter egg display, they had to do so with their eyes closed so as not to have their minds corrupted with images of happy bunnies and the like. This resulted in many of them walking into obstructions at the end of the aisle and then suing the shop for their injuries.

As a result, all the Easter egg manufacturers keep any references to Easter confined to the back of the box where no-one can see it. Okay, the Marmite one still has "Easter" on the front but who is going to look at a Marmite Easter egg anyway?

If you have a look at the two images below, on the right is a Smarties Easter egg with the word "Easter" censored out; on the left is a Smarties Easter egg from 1970, before the fanatical left wing, EU supporting, refugee loving, politically correct brigade took control. Back then, we were proud to call our chocolate eggs "Easter eggs" as you can see from the box.


Anyway, here is a list of those religions who say they find Easter eggs offensive:-


  1. Cadbury's don't need any more bad press for me. When Kraft took them over, promising not to close the Summerdale factory to enable the takeover-guess what ? They closed the factory.
    I don't knowingly buy any Cadbury products.

  2. Likewise.

    I lived in Birmingham, near Bournville. The Cadbury ethos had been slowly dying for years. Kraft (or whatever they are called now) killed it.

    They would not appear in parliament to defend their actions and we stood by ...