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Pride & Prejudice

Old people having inappropriate thoughts
According to Australian psychologist William von Hipple, we all become more prejudiced as we get older.

In this story on the BBC website, he explains that changes in the brain cause us to become less able to identify irrelevant or inappropriate thoughts. 

I don't know whether that's true or not. It may be that some people who, for whatever reason, are losing brain function that results in abnormal behaviour, but this is not something confined to the old. 

It seems to me that identifying someone who likes to speak their mind as being prejudiced because they don't express opinions that you agree with is rather prejudiced itself.

Expressing irrelevant and inappropriate thoughts is hardly a characteristic that one can assign exclusively to old age. I have seen plenty of images of fanatical crackpots, both political and religious, and they all tend to be young rather than old. 

What I do think happens is that one becomes less tolerant of unrealistic objectives as the idealistic enthusiasm of youth slowly gives way to the world weary cynicism of old age.

When you are young, you tend to believe that all the problems of the world can
Young people rationally discussing their differences

be solved by a positive attitude and good will by all. Eventually, you come to realise that, while this is indeed true, it just isn't going to happen. All those people who want the whole world to agree to unite under a single set of principals, expect those principals to be the ones they approve of, and therein lies the problem.

What do you do about those misguided individuals who think that a different set of principals should apply? You take up arms and fight them, that's what you do. (ad infinitum).


This baby Great Spotted Woodpecker was not sharing the peanuts with a poor little Sparrow.

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