Sunday, 19 July 2015

Erith Fun Day

Saturday the 18th of July saw the Thamesmead Grump invading Arthur Pewty territory and wandering around Erith Riverside Park, taking in the atmosphere of the Erith Fun Day.

Versions of this have seen a number of incarnations over the years. I remember it back in the 1970s being held in the sports ground and was quite a major event; the Erith Show it was called back then and was sponsored by the council and many local businesses.

One feature of the show was the Baby Competition. This was held by the Kentish Independent newspaper with the pictures being taken by Woolwich based photographers, John's Studio. The pictures were on display at the show and visitors could vote for their favourite one.

I used to work for John's Studio in the 1960s, it was my first job after leaving school. John was not the easiest person to get on with and I left after a couple of years to go and work in an advertising agency in London. 

I went back there for a few months after leaving the RAF but left again after we had a furious row over, funnily enough, the baby competition.

Got my own back in 1976 when my Daughter won it. John was not too pleased to see me at the prize giving ceremony in The Co-op store in Woolwich.

Anyway, back to last Saturday and the latest Fun Day. This was a well organised and event filled day that has survived against all the odds thanks to a small group of people who are determined that it will not go quietly into the night; despite a recession making it more difficult to get business sponsorship and a local council who seem to be against the idea of anyone in the North of the Borough having any fun.

Congratulations to the Erith Rotary Club and all the others who have made this a great day out for local residents.

 I took a lot of pictures of the event and here are just a few of them

Situated a little way from all the other stands (I wonder why) was the Erith Drum Club. It was a noisy affair and small children were having the sort of fun that small children do when given a drum and told they can bang it as loud as they like. What happens when the drums stop? The guitar solo perhaps.

The local NHS had a stand to promote their Mystery Shopper project, intended to help improve services to patients in the Borough.

Arthur Pewty (aka Hugh Neal) seen here promoting one of his pet projects, the Erith Town Forum.

I had an enthusiastic presentation about this project to gather stories and information about life on the old Larner Road Estate before the Erith Park development. What's your story?

Friends of Riverside Gardens (FORGE). Without these people, I guess there wouldn't be anywhere to hold the Fun Day as it's likely Bexley Council would try and sell off this piece of land for development.

Bexley College must be very proud of their new home across the road.

 Now this is a novel idea.

Slimming World in the cool shade of a nearby tree. I would have joined only I am already in perfect physical shape and have a body that would shame Adonis himself.

Evergreen Care Bexley doing some sterling work raising funds and their own profile to help elderly and vulnerable people.

Musical entertainment was provided by these two musicians. I have no idea who they are or I would have given them a plug as they were really rather good. I couldn't see any information about them anywhere. Perhaps someone can tell me and I will edit this entry.

More charitable work being done by the MS Society.

Diabetes UK with their stand at the show.

Family Learning stand. Helping parents help their children through play and learning.

This shows only a fraction of what was happening and apologies if you have been left out. Congratulations to everyone who took part for putting on a great show.

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