Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Number Crunching

and the UKIP Earthquake

Those EU Parliament election results

There are roughly 46 million people registered to vote in the UK.

8.9 million of them voted for the Tory-labour/Lib-dem block (all committed - in varying degrees - to remaining in the EU)  - that's about 19.5% of the total British electorate.  

4.3 million of them voted UKIP - that's 9.5% of the total British electorate.

29.7 million - that's 64% of the total British electorate couldn't care a toss about the European Union and have no interest at all in who runs it, what rules it makes, what effect it has on us, or even whether the UK remains a member, because they didn't bother to vote.

UKIP has around 38,000 members - that's around 0.061% of the British population.

An Earthquake? I think not. Perhaps a mild tremor and even then, only maybe.

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