Saturday, 10 May 2014

Decisions, Decisions

The other day I watched a Party Political Broadcast on the TV. 
I wouldn't usually do this as they are generally a waste of time but this one caught my eye as it seemed to be a 'Spitting Image' type Government Cabinet meeting scene. 

The broadcast was on behalf of the Labour Party for the European elections and showed the Prime Minister and various Cabinet Ministers sitting round a table and generally making fools of themselves. 

As a piece of humorous satire it was funny enough but by the end, I realised that they hadn't actually told me what they thought of the Conservative's policies on Europe and why they thought I wouldn't like them; they also didn't tell me anything about their party's policies on Europe. From this, I can assume one of two things -

1. They don't have any policies on Europe
2. They do have policies on Europe but if they told us what they were, we wouldn't vote for them.

Not a very effective broadcast then. At least it wasn't those UKIP loons.

Not so grumpy

Someone sent me this - I think they are trying to tell me something

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