Monday, 28 April 2014

The Silent City

London must easily be the quietest, dullest, most law abiding city on earth if the BBC's text news service is anything to go by. 
I have observed before how many of the stories published on their 'London News' page have little or nothing to do with London and today is no exception. 

Featured on today's page include the following stories about London. 

A report about how the HS2 rail line will have little benefit for Northern England. (London is in Southern England). 

A story about a military helicopter crash in Afghanistan (Afghanistan is in South Asia, 4500 miles from London).

Irregularities on EU Parliament voting slips in Wales (London is in England, not Wales).

How online guidance manuals on child grooming are to become illegal (unless this only applies to London and not the rest of the country as well). 

The attempted abduction of a woman from a car park in Milton Keynes. (Milton Keynes is in Buckinghamshire, 45 miles from London). 

How can it be that 1600 square kilometers of densely packed urban development with a population of nearly 8 million people produces so little that is newsworthy?

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