Friday, 20 December 2013

Another Thamesmead Death Trap

As there seems to be some local interest in the dangers posed by badly arranged school exits I thought I would look at this one.

You can't see it but the entrance is
through this wall of hedge

For those of you who don't know, this is the entrance to Linton Mead Primary School Central Way, Thamesmead.

Every day hundreds of small children along with their parents have to navigate the dangerous stretch of footpath outside the entrance of the school. Note the long line of lamp posts placed in the centre of the path. Note the large road sign which cannot be seen from the road because of the overhanging trees. Note the overgrown foliage growing out onto the remaining footpath narrowing it even further. In some places, the gap is so narrow it will not accommodate even a single buggy let alone a double one. At school leaving time, the adjacent road is also lined with cars; and in the Summer, at least one ice cream van. Yes, that is a bus stop just beyond the gate. 

Some more pictures out and about

River Path. Behind the Pumping Station

Reeds on the riverbank

Shapes in the mud


Local birds flying in and out. Photographed by the Crossness Sewage Works Outfall

Cormorant stretching his wings

Dunlin in the air. You get hundreds of these during the Winter. A really impressive sight

Grey Heron fishing at the water's edge

Lapwing. Think it might be time to go soon.

Yep. Definitely time to go.

Lapwing in the air


Male Shoveller.

Spot the Snipe. Hard to see but later in the Winter there will be lots of them here.

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