Monday, 30 September 2013

So long and Thanks for all the Fish

This is a juvenile Common Tern that I found fishing at the Crossness Outfall today. He is running a bit late as all his friends left some time ago. If all goes well, in the next few weeks he should be sunning himself along the shores of southern Africa while we are all still here shivering in the cold. Wish I was going with him.

A Word from our Sponsors

At lunchtime, I settled down with my bacon roll and cup of tea and looked for something to watch on TV while I ate it. Something on a documentary channel would do I thought and settled down to watch. About thirty seconds into the programme it went to a commercial break. We then had a trailer for the 125th anniversary of National Geographic, then an advert for First for Lawyers (ambulance chasers), then an appeal to help Syrian children being murdered by their parents in a civil war, then an advert for Broadband Choices (a Compare the Meercat type service), then a advert for ASDA over 50s insurance, then an advert for Avon Cosmetics, then a trailer for a programme called "Meet the Russians". We then returned to the original programme but I had finished my lunch by then so I never did see it. ITV always had sensible breaks, just long enough to nip out and make a quick cup of tea or have a leisurely loo break. With Sky however, once their adverts start you have time to prepare a three course meal, eat it and then do the dishes afterwards. This must be counter-productive. I normally record Sky programmes and watch them later so I can skip through all the annoying commercials and so, never see any of them.

I've just found this video I shot last year in the run up to the Olympic Games. The Police and Royal Navy were conducting exercises on the river preparing for any possible terrorist attack. They had been doing this sort of thing for the previous couple of weeks. Living right by the river, we were treated to a ringside seat. They had been out earlier in the day and it attracted a number of people who came out to watch, after a while they seemed to clear off and most of the spectators left but then it all started up again.The video quality is not very good, it was shot on a video capable compact still camera, never the best option. The hysterical commentary in the background comes from my Wife who thought the whole show had been put on for her benefit.

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