Tuesday, 27 March 2018



Oh no! I'm in trouble now and no mistake. I've just received this email from Peet [sic] Smith who it seems knows everything about my more unsavoury habits and what's more, is threatening to post the details to all my contacts.

The trojan he is using to infect my computer is very sophisticated; so much so in fact, that it can not only show him everything I am seeing on my screen, it can even get my old camera out of the drawer where I keep it and plug it into my computer without my noticing.

Well - sorry to disappoint you Peet, but none of the porn websites I go to have managed to download any trojans on my computer and what's more, I always send the details about them to all my contacts anyway without any help from you.

By the way, I manage to satisfy myself by advertising scams by twats like you on my blog so everyone can have a good laugh.

Anyway, if anyone else wants to say anything to good old Peet, they can do so by going to either (or both) of his email adresses and say it there.

Original message

Message ID<8fbb6f10ab464dd244a4920234caaad9@joytubos.com.br>
Created on:27 March 2018 at 12:54 (Delivered after 0 seconds)
From:Peet Smith <info@joytubos.com.br> Using Leaf PHPMailer 2.7 (leafmailer.pw)
Subject:Make sure to pay me within 3 days

There is nothing wrong with satisfying yourself from time to time, but if your family and friends are witness to this, it is of course a big disgrace.

I've been watching you for a while because I hacked you through a trojan virus in an ad on a porn website.

If you are not familiar with this, I will explain it. A trojan virus gives you full access and control over a computer (or any other device). That means that I can see everything on your screen and switch on your camera and microphone without you being aware of it. That way I also got access to all your contacts.

I made a video that shows how you satisfy yourself on the left half of the screen and on the right half you see the video you were watching. With the press of a button I can forward this video to all contacts of your email and social media.

If you want to prevent this, transfer an amount of $750 USD to my bitcoin address.

Step 1: Go to www.coinbase.com or www.coinmama.com and create an account.
Step 2: Confirm your account with your passport or ID.
Step 3: Deposit the money on your coinbase bitcoin account via your credit card or bank account.
Step 4: Send the bitcoins to the address below and then send an email with the confirmation to: peet.smith@yandex.com and peet.smith@openmailbox.org

Bitcoin address:

As soon as the payment is received, I will delete the video and you will never hear from me again. I give you 3 days to make the payment. After that you know what happens. I can see it when you have read this email.

Reporting me to the police is a waist of time because this email canĂ¢€™t be traced in any way and my bitcoin address either. I do not make mistakes. If I find out that you filed a report or shared this message with someone else, the video will be immediately distributed.

Send an email confirmation after you have made the payment to these 2 email addresses: 
peet.smith@yandex.com and peet.smith@openmailbox.org



  1. I received the same nasty email from the same sender, and on the same day. I was sufficiently annoyed by it, that I reported it to the I.P service provider, the Internet Crime dept, and the F.B.I.

    I then turned the tables on this scummy Peet Smith, and sent him a similar nasty and threatening reply. I also attached the crime report to the F.B.I to make him understand I wasn't joking, and to make him sweat, as I'm sure this lowlife has done to others. I had visual proof I had carried out my threat, unlike him who obviously has no screen shot proof of anyone in any embarrassing situation.

    My reply to Peet Pondlife went like this.

    We've been watching you for a while, that's because you are a low life criminal thief. What this means for you is long jail time. Your arrest is imminent.

    The blackmailers Ip address fbi@cyber.crime c/o Maryland State Police

    The IP is computer produced specifically for This host has the hardware IP The hardware Internet Protocol Address adheres to proper specifications of an IPv4 Internet Protocol Address, which has an decompressed value of

    The reverse DNS for the checked host is hardcloud.com.br. A domain pointer seems to be webmail.hardcloud.com.br. A full backtrack for the inspected reverse DNS request was captured as webmail.hardcloud.com.br at the time of this query.

    An organization that maintains is Amazon.com. An Internet Service Provider (also known as ISP) that holds this hardware is Amazon.com. The data for the tracking information confirms that the connection to this host has an assigned location in Ashburn, Virginia, United States.

    The timezone of the physical location of this host is America/New_York. This host evaluated on this tracing info appears to belong to a bot/spider group as determined by Organization name and ISP provider name entities.

    1. You probably need to chill out a bit Phill. While this character is all the things you say he is, he and his ilk can provide hours of entertainment if you want to wind them up. I'm still waiting for the FBI to come and arrest me.