Monday, 4 September 2017

Sadiq Khan, Jeremy Corbyn: the truth.

Jeremy Corbyn.

Seen here as Home Secretary and later as
Prime Minister slashing Police numbers.
You will notice how he has tried to disguise
himself as Tory leader Theresa May but if
you look carefully, you can see his beard
poking out.
There is currently a great deal of local consternation over the possibility that we may lose Bexleyheath Police Station as a result of spending cuts. As you will be aware, this is all the fault of Muslim Socialist London Mayor, Sadiq Khan. A proper (white) Tory, right wing, Christian London Mayor would have been able to implement these cuts without reducing staff or services simply by the power of his magnificent Toryness.

What Muslim Mayor, Sadiq Khan also doesn't mention is the fact that all these staff and spending cuts are the fault of the bearded Lefty Socialist leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn.

It was Jeremy Corbyn who, when Home Secretary in 2010 told the Treasury that they had to cut Police budgets by 18% and who both as Home Secretary and later as Prime Minister oversaw a reduction in the number of front line Police posts by 21,500.

As is often the case, it's London that suffers the biggest cuts of all with the Metropolitan Police having to make savings of a billion pounds by 2020. It was ex Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe who in February this year warned that "the bottom line is there will be less cops."(sic). (He meant fewer cops of course but he's only a plod so we'll let him off).

People in Bexley Borough are quite rightly angry about the possibility of their centrally based police station being banished to darkest Sidcup and know exactly who to blame.

And who is going to be responsible for enforcing all those Sharia laws that Muslim Mayor, Sadiq Khan is planning to introduce? yes, I know he's already been Mayor  for fifteen months with no sign yet of his Islamification of London plans but we all know he's just biding his time till the right moment, you just wait and see.

Just Three Pounds a Month.

In just a few weeks, the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal will begin. I along with thousands of other volunteers will be collecting money for this armed forces charity, both on the street and in static locations such as local supermarkets. We rely on the good will and generosity of the public to carry on the work we do, supporting both serving and ex members of the armed forces and their families.

It's depressing then to read about the number of people and organisations who use the guise of charitable status to scam people out of their money. This article for the BBCs Victoria Derbyshire programme highlights the level of fraud associated with the charity industry and the number of individuals who will cheat, lie or use various loopholes in the law to persuade us to part with our money that we believe will be going to a good cause but will actually be going into the pockets of collectors and the people who organise them.

Part of the problem in my view, is the sheer number of registered charities in this country (over 200,000 of them), all supposedly supporting some worthy cause or another but almost impossible to monitor due to there being so many.

The fact is we are now inundated with appeals for "just £3 a month" from a seeming endless succession of TV commercials, all using exactly the same format. It starts with that tinkly piano music they always play when they are going to tell us something really sad then rapidly moves on to the competition between them with the "our starving African child has more flies crawling over his face than your starving African child"; or the "help us provide clean water to children in Pakistan so their government can spend it's money on more useful things like upgrading their nuclear weapons capability".

When I was a child, I only ever remember a few charities: the Poppy Appeal was one of them of course; I think we were also asked to put a penny into the lifeboat Appeal as well and there may have been one or two more. Now, you can't move for them and call me Mr Cynical if you want, but I can't help believe that a good few of them are nothing more than a money making scam or an excuse for us not to feel guilty that we don't make our governments do more directly to help good causes rather than relying on public subscriptions.

The Bexley Gazette.

I'm really pleased to discover a new Facebook page. The Bexley Gazette is a worthy successor to the News Shopper now that publication has decamped to God only knows where.

Describing itself as providing "enlightening and entertaining insights on the glorious borough of Bexley", the Gazette provides well written and well researched articles about issues that are important to local people and I encourage everyone to read and subscribe.

So far, they have provided much needed publicity to local small businesses, advice on local traffic holdups and have discovered some remarkable famous people with a local connection. Do take time to have a look at it.

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