Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Die große Lüge.

Muslims taking over the bus
Yesterday I posted an article describing how a bunch of German Neo-Nazis were taken in by a hoax Facebook post about refugees getting free sex from prostitutes, paid for by a local council. They thought it was true even though the post itself had "Hoax Story" spread across the top of the page in big red letters.

You wouldn't think they could get any dafter but you'd be wrong. 

The Norwegian English language news blog "The Local" has reported a story about a mischievous scallywag by the name of Johan Slattavik who posted a picture of some empty bus seats onto a Neo-Nazi, anti-immigration Norwegian Facebook page calling itself "Fedrelandet Fikigst", that's "Fatherland First" in Norwegian (although you already knew that). His comment accompanying the picture was simply "what do people think about this?"

In a perfect example of people seeing what they want to see, they decided these empty seats were women dressed in burkas and posted enraged comments, with remarks like "frightening" "tragic" and "scary". One commentator was worried that they may have "weapons and bombs" under their garments.

It was Adolph Hitler who coined the phrase "Die große Lüge" - which means "big lie". (You knew that as well of course).

His reasoning was that if you told a really big lie people would have to believe it because they could never believe you would make something so outrageous up. In this case, Johan Slattavik didn't even have to make anything up, he just left it to your imagination.

Speaking of which. How many of you saw a bus full of women dressed in burkas? Go on, admit it.


Huge abundance of skilled British workers
will become available after we leave the EU.
The European Banking Authority (EBA) and the European Medicines Agency (EMA) are two of the major organisations planning to leave the UK after Brexit. 

Good riddance too. We can show old Johnny Foreigner that we don't want him coming over here and employing decent British workers who would be better off working in ASDA warehouses; they of course will have a lot of vacancies once we send all the East Europeans back where they came from.

They won't be clogging up our hotels either; the BBC reckon that the two agencies alone account for up to 40,000 hotel stays a year; that's a lot of empty rooms that will now be available for British people. Won't be able to afford them of course as I don't think ASDA pay as much. 

Other companies we will be glad to see the back of include Hiscox, JP Morgan, Standard Chartered, UBS, MJ Hudson, Deutsche Bank, Barclays, Diago Drinks Company, Goldman Sachs, Lloyd's of London and Microsoft. Apparently, according to the UK games industry trade body UKie, around 40% of the industry is considering relocating out of the UK as well, but that's only a couple of thousand companies and frankly, who needs them?

If any of you are starting to think voting to leave may have been a mistake, here is David Icke explaining why it wasn't.

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