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As part of his continuing creeping Islamification of London, our Muslim Mayor, Sadiq Khan has joined forces with CAMRA (The Campaign for Real Ale) to monitor and try and prevent the closure of pubs in and around London.

The licensed trade magazine "Pub & Bar"is one of the publications warning about this new threat to our traditional British way of life.

"It is hugely encouraging to see the mayor acknowledge the vital contribution being made by pubs and confirm his support for the sector" warns Kate Nicholls, ALMR Chief Executive).

Don't say you weren't told this would happen.


Dairy produce in it's raw state
My dear Wife, Mrs Grump has both rheumatoid and osteo-arthritis so my interest was aroused when my attention was drawn to the following headline on the BBC News website. According to a survey carried out by the Osteoporosis Society

"Dairy-free diets warning over risk to bone health"

we were told. Underneath this rather alarming headline was a picture of someone pouring milk out of a jug, just in case you don't know what a dairy product is, followed by the even more alarming warning that "diets that cut out dairy food could be a "ticking time bomb" for young people's bone health".

However, buried in the copy is an actual quote from the Osteoporosis Society which reads

"Consuming foods rich in calcium and vitamin D, such as dairy products, green leafy vegetables, salmon, sardines, broccoli and baked beans, is particularly important before the age of 25"

In other words, they are not saying that dairy-free diets are a risk to bone health.

So what's going on?

As I have said on many occasions, the Thamesmead Grump never takes news headlines at face value and so decided to go digging. Just as well I did, especially when during the early part of my research, I came across even more hysterical headlines from other news sources relating to the same survey.
See -  The MetroThe TimesDaily Express.

In fact, some of these reports were so hysterical that the Osteoporosis Society contacted the Vegan Society to set the record straight and asked to quote them on alternative sources of calcium on their website.

It goes like this - us humans need vitamin D. It's needed in order that our bodies can metabolise calcium and turn it into useful things like bones and teeth, without which we would look very silly indeed. Some of this vitamin D we create ourselves by the effect of sunlight on the skin, the rest we get from our diet.

Historically, the typical western diet comprising as it does, of a large amount of vitamin D rich foods like milk and cheese, provided us with our normal requirement. However, this isn't an option for some people.

An ability to digest lactose into adulthood is a recent genetic mutation; usually the hormone, lactase which breaks down the lactose sugar in milk is only produced in humans in early childhood but for some of us it continues to be produced into adulthood. Not everyone carries this mutation so cannot digest milk or it's derivatives.

Fortunately, for those diagnosed with lactose intolerance, help is readily at hand in the form of advice on alternative foods that can replace the missing vitamin D.

There are also some people who choose not to eat dairy products for ethical reasons. Concern for animal welfare is often cited as a reason. Veganism is one of the ethical movements that chooses not to include any animal products in the diet but again, for those who follow this particular movement there is plenty of advice available on alternative dietary choices.

What the Osteoporosis Society was expressing concern about was the increasing tendency for following fad diets, often invented by people with no qualification in nutrition and endorsed by TV celebrities. Some of these can be very strange indeed and involve removing specific food types for no good reason and then not replacing the missing supplements with any suitable alternative.

Sadly, it seems that it's the very young who are most easily influenced by these unhealthy fads and are the ones most likely to suffer in later life.

If you are considering cutting out calcium rich dairy foods for medical or ethical reasons, then get some proper advice on what to replace them with. Although The Osteoporosis Society suggestion about replacing them with beans I think needs a risk assessment first in view of it's possible effect on global warming.


The tragic case of Madeline McCann rumbles on with ever increasingly hysterical claims as to what really happened. It seems she has
*been buried on a beach by her parents
*been kidnapped by slave traders and sold to a rich family
*had the circumstances of her disappearance covered up by MI5

I suppose it's only a matter of time before Bigfoot will become involved, along with the Reptilian Overlords and the flying saucer people. Then again, I am not a regular reader of Natural News so perhaps I'm already too late.

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