Tuesday, 15 November 2016


Fran and Rene.
Rene (right) has been doing the Poppy
Appeal since 1952
Those few of you who actually read my blog will have noticed that there has been little activity here for the last few weeks. The reason for this is that at this time of the year, my time is largely taken up with the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal. In other years, I have still managed to squeeze in the odd post here and there between sessions, but this year I was left largely alone on our new stand in the Abbey Wood Sainsbury's so didn't have the time.

Having said that, I would not have been able to keep the stall open as long as it was had it not been for a small, hard working band of volunteers who helped out when they could.

I have been posting pictures of the appeal and of the Remembrance Parades in Thamesmead on Friday 11th but for those of you who don't read my facebook page, here is a selection. You can see pictures taken at Tesco in Woolwich by visiting the Thamesmead and Abbey Wood RBL page here.

Yours truly in Sainsbury's
Rachel with her two young helpers, Tilly and Betty

Armistice Day parade in Morrison's Thamesmead: 11:00am Friday 11th November

Afternoon parade at 3:00pm in Thamesmead Town Centre.

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