Tuesday, 27 September 2016


Serving suggestion
Following on from my last post about the dire choice of programmes on the BBC over the weekend. It doesn't get any better during the week. On my list of endless instalments of cookery and darts programmes, I forgot to mention quiz shows.

This week we will be treated to over 16 hours of them, and that's just the ones involving the public; I haven't included the endless "celebrity" versions featuring famous people no-one has ever heard of.

Cookery programmes - twenty two and a half hours this week, not including cookery items in other programmes.


I'm currently writing an update on the use of bailiffs by Bexley Council to recover outstanding council tax arrears. You will recall, I mentioned that Bexley is the worst borough in London for the use of bailiffs rather than recover through deduction of earnings or benefit.

It should be ready before the end of the week so keep a look out.

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