Thursday, 25 August 2016



"Go and fetch my Ebay parcel delivery from Argos" says Mrs Grump, "and while you're about it, you can pick up my prescription from the Chemist".

'Well, that sounds easy enough' I thought; little did I know.

Arrived at Argos at 3:15pm, stood at the unattended counter until 3:30. Gave up and went across the road to Morrisons to get said prescription. Told it would take 20 minutes. Twenty Minutes??? Just to put a box of tablets into a paper bag? Oh well! Back to Argos, I might as well wait there.

Got back to Argos at 3:40 to find the person who had been standing behind me in the queue when I left before was still standing at the counter; just as well I had given up when I did. 

Assistant spent 5 minutes faffing around with some mobile phone before finally sorting out his order and sending him on his way. Eventually got what I came for at 3:45.

I think Argos should run Post Office counters, they seem well qualified as far as customer service is concerned. And what about the chemist then, I mean, what's all that about?

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