Monday, 1 August 2016



The Thamesmead Grump has made several references to that great defender of freedom, Yeovil's answer to Nelson Mandella, Joshua Bonehill-Paine. I've suggested in the past that his claim to have an army of supporters was nothing but the product of his fevered imagination and that he was, in fact, a sad self-deluded misfit with a power base of precisely none.

I have been proven wrong. He does have supporters, or at least, a supporter and here he is. Introducing John Nimmo. John has not been idle while poor Joshua is banged up in the nick and has been making sure that the world knows that he will carry on the fight to defend the British Isles by sending obscene messages to female MPs. Especially female MPs whose complaints against Josua resulted in his present incarceration. 

For those of you with short memories, here are some of the heroic things that Joshua Bonehill-Paine has done and which have eventually resulted in the authorities getting him sent to prison.

Without Joshua Bonehill-Paine we would never have known about poor Amy Hamilton, the young child kidnapped from a shopping centre in Croydon. It was only Joshua and the thousands of Facebook users who shared his story that her plight became known when no news media outlet, or even the Police, mentioned it at all.

And who can forget his courageous defence of British military personnel who had been denied access to the Globe pub in Leicester in case it offended immigrants. This resulted in him being sentenced to a 2 year community order plus other penalties by a Judge obviously under orders from MI5 to shut him up. Again, it was only Facebook users who knew the story to be true (otherwise, why would it be on Facebook?) and shared it by their thousands that most of us found out about it.

He was the only person to warn us about the Ebola infected fruit being sold by Tesco. He was the only person to warn us about how bodies were going to be dug up at a Churchyard in Wiltshire so the Church could be used as a Mosque. The list goes on.

Anyway, when Joshua is released from prison, he is going to stand for election in Yeovil, remove the current MP, Marcus Fysh, (he must be a Tory, or his name would be spelt Fish) and turn the town, and eventually the whole country, into a rural utopia. 

"In Yeovil, we shall ignite the fire 
and then watch as it spreads across 
these lands 
in full and awesome glory" 
(J Bonehill-Paine 2016)

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