Thursday, 28 July 2016


This story has appeared on the BBC News website describing how easy it is to hack into your computer through an unencrypted link between your mouse, keyboard and the wireless USB dongle. 

Using a simple USB radio antenna and a few lines of code, anyone can read anything typed onto your keyboard and even use the device to gain full control of it and type what they like onto your computer. They can do this because, unless you are very lucky, the signal between your keyboard and wireless USB dongle is completely unencrypted.

This is so annoying. What is the use of everyone ensuring that they use up to date anti-virus and firewall software when crooks can easily access your computer through a peripheral device that you would expect to be secure? 

This isn't just one company involved, it seems that many manufacturers are at fault. They are supplying devices that they know will be connected to your computer that have no security measures in place whatsoever.

It's a bit like a security firm installing locks on your door where you can't remove the key. I wonder if it would be worth taking these companies to court to claim compensation and at least a refund. No-one would expect you to connect an unsecured device to your computer, which makes it reasonable for any customer to assume that what they were buying was safe to use. I mean, if it caught fire, you wouldn't expect the manufacturers defence to claim that it doesn't actually say it won't catch fire on the box.


These pictures were taken along Crossway in North Thamesmead between Chastillian Primary School and the town centre. They show in perfect detail the total indifference of Greenwich Council towards Thamesmead and the people who live there.

Many of the examples shown here have received no maintenance for years and just been left to themselves. The fact that it often results in inconvenience, and in some cases, real danger for pedestrians is of no interest to them.

All these pictures were taken on my phone camera.

Here is the view looking East towards the school. As you can see, there is the essential Thamesmead item, the dumped mattress. The overgrown tree leaves a four foot high gap between the lowest branch and the pavement.

Heading West towards the roundabout and things now start to get really tricky. This is pretty well impassable unless you are really good at Limbo dancing. In order to get past this obstruction, you need to step into the road.

As you approach the roundabout, you are now entering Darkest Thamesmead. To get past this lot you really do have to walk in the road. Imagine that you are a parent pushing your toddler in the buggy, older child hanging on while trying to get to Linton Mead Primary School which is situated the other side of the roundabout. Imagine having to hope that the 472 isn't going to come hurtling around that corner at 40 miles an hour while you are standing in the middle of the road because you are never going to see it until it is on top of you - hopefully, not literally.

Don't imagine if you do manage to survive the roundabout that things are going to get any easier.

Yes, they are huge Bramble thorns blocking the pavement.

At least there is a nice cycle path.

Last year, I watched while some workmen re-painted the bicycle symbol so people would know this was a cycle path. You have to bring your own machete. 

p.s. it hasn't been cleared for about three years.

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