Thursday, 22 October 2015


The BBC's London news page on the BBC Red Button is reporting that some London Boroughs are rehousing homeless families as far away as (shock/horror) Luton, Basildon, Thurrock and Milton Keynes.

Anyone familiar with the BBC's London news page will be well aware that they think that all of those places are in London anyway, so what's the problem?

On the same day, the London news page also reported on the case of Scottish woman, Joy Milne who it is claimed, can tell if someone has Parkinson's Disease by sniffing their T Shirt. Joy lives in Perth. (Not in London).



Starting this Saturday, the Thamesmead Grump will be doing his usual bit for the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal. Unlike most years however, not exposed to the elements standing outside the Tesco Express in Belvedere, on account of the fact that it has closed down. 

This year I will be luxuriating in the warmth and comfort of the inside of the Morrison's store in Thamesmead Town Centre. To be honest, I'm getting a bit too old to be battered by the elements for hours at a time and in the past few years, I have usually finished up making myself ill. 

Please feel free to come and say hello if you are passing.

p.s. bring your wallet.

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