Saturday, 3 October 2015


I think I have finally solved the mystery of why the BBC London News page is full of stories from around the world.

Whoever is responsible for choosing the stories clearly does not know where London actually is in relation to everywhere else. They are, for instance, absolutely sure that Midland towns like Hatfield, Luton, Reading and Welwyn Garden City are in London and will also happily report stories from places like Sheffield, Leeds and Suffolk. There have been stories from as far away as Glasgow and Cumbria. There have even been stories about The Himalayas and one famous story about the US Navy rescuing some people from a rowing boat in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Hawaii.

Now this story has appeared and all has become clear. As I have said before, the BBC London news page is outsourced to India and you could not expect people living there to be experts on UK geography. They must get this sort of information from Google Maps. With errors like this, it's no surprise they get their locations wrong. I mean, if you can put the Brecon Beacons in London, why not Hawaii?

Perhaps someone should give them an old fashioned atlas. Then we could stop reading stories about car parks in Ipswich.

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