Tuesday, 22 September 2015


The 23rd of September sees two whole years of the Thamesmead Grump. I almost missed it; I did miss the first anniversary last year.

I do wonder if it had been worth all the effort though. The fact is, I was always intending this blog to be a way for me to hone my grumpy skills by being miserable about everything. This is no easy feat. When you are young, rich and good looking it's difficult to be grumpy for long and this is the problem I've found to be the case with me.

Just when I get started on something that annoys me, I notice my bank balance or glance in the mirror and everything is all right with the world again.

True, our planet is stuffed full of the most stupid, moronic idiots imaginable who do the most stupid, moronic things. Sometimes, this will get me going and I have to take a dig at them, but then I stop and think........................

"Am I Joshua Bonehill-Paine? - No
Do I contribute towards the £650 million a year vitamin pill industry? - No
Do I think that you can "cure" autism by sticking bleach up a child's bum? - No
Do I think that the Earth is going to be hit by an asteroid in the next week? - No
Do I spend £2 on a 50p cucumber because it's got the word 'organic' on the label? - No
Have I ever tried to treat an illness with a homeopathic remedy? - No
Do  I believe that I can help heal a sick child by typing amen in a Facebook pharming scam? - No
Do I think that aliens helped Joan of Arc lift the Seige of Orleans like it said on Ancient Aliens? - No
Do I believe that Prince Philip is a 12 foot, blood devouring lizard alien? - No

And finally...............
Do I think that 30,00 plus peer reviewed papers, published by over 800 scientists in over 80 countries in the world showing clear human influence on climate change are all fake? - No"

.............................Then decide, life has indeed been kind to me.

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