Sunday, 6 September 2015


Expect to see this on Sunday morning.
By the time you are reading this, the country will have been buried under a blizzard of snow if the Daily Express headline is to be believed.

We will need to get the snow ploughs and winter woollies because, as they say, "plunging temperatures will push the mercury close to -5 degrees overnight on Saturday". Or, as the weather expert said, "temperatures could nudge freezing in parts", which of course means the same thing.

We should take tabloid newspaper weather predictions seriously. After all, the Daily Mirror prediction of a swelteringly hot August was absolutely bang on.


The Thamesmead Grump gets really angry with people who think it's still the 14th century. I get really, really angry with fake health and medical gurus who dispense non-scientific and anti-scientific baloney, usually with a message exhorting the gullible and scientific illiterate to buy their products.

You know the ones. They are the people who tell us that you can cure most anything with ground up bits of Sumatran Tiger bones.

They are the people who will tell you that impotence can be cured with Rhino horn.

They are the people who will tell men infected with HIV that they will be cured if they have sex with a virgin. Or, in some cases, by buying their specially blessed holy water.

They are the people who sell bottles of industrial bleach to parents to inject up their children's bums to cure them of autism.

They are the people who will tell you that childhood vaccinations are a hoax and that it is all a sinister plot for the Illuminati and New World Order to control the population.

You can, apparently, get a magic healing crystal that you wave around your computer to protect it from viruses. This is absolutely true as can be read in this completely genuine computer security website.

Others will protect you from the negative energies it emits. What you need is Malachite which "permeates through the auric field with positive vibrations and thus strengthening the natural energetic bubble that dispels hostile forces". I'm not making this up, honest - have a look here.

Then there are the people like Vananda Shiva shilling for the "organic" food industry and are telling us that we should only eat their over-priced organic vegetables. I only ever eat organic vegetables; eating inorganic vegetables would do you no good at all. There would be absolutely no nourishment in a concrete lettuce. Or how about broccoli made out of copper wire.

Pretty much at the top of my hate list are the loonies who are trying to prevent the development of GMO's, so it is with great delight that I can show just what complete morons they actually are.

Because none of them have any sort of science background relevant to the subject, they can be easily fooled and to see just how easily, can be seen from some images taken from the pages published by one crank organisation called "March Against Monsanto".

They are so scientifically ignorant they have actually been taken in by the DHMO hoax and have been sharing a hoax post about a household bleach and a fruit juice both containing the dreaded Dihydrogen Monoxide.

My 8 year old Grandson knows what H2O is, but not these idiots.

Even better, Natural News, the magazine for all things crackpot has fallen for a spoof article about how Monsanto are planning to replace bees with genetically modified flying ants published by the satirical website, World News Daily Report. This is the website that also tells us that the Chinese Government blames the recent stock market crash on Tibetan separatists and that Bin Laden is alive and well and living in the Bahamas according to Edward Snowdon.

Natural News is also promoting the sick campaign to try and persuade parents not to have their children vaccinated.

What this clearly demonstrates is that people can be really stupid some times and will dismiss a whole body of scientific consensus and instead believe the rantings of someone clearly demonstrating they know nothing about the subject they are going on about.

Next week - the Tooth Fairy.
What Big Dentistry doesn't want you to know.

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