Monday, 4 May 2015

Small mercies

For those of you who look at the antics of our politicians and despair, just be thankful we don't have this lot.

US Senator James Inhofe
'Man can't change climate'
The US Senate (similar the the House of Commons in the UK) has just voted 50-49 to say that climate change is not being caused by human activity. You can read more about it here

The buffoon pictured on the right is Republican Senator James Inhofe who has said the climate change is a 'hoax'. He has finally agreed that the climate does indeed change - his constituency would still be covered in a vast ice sheet if it didn't, but still can't accept that human activity can have any effect on it.

He is not alone in that view as all but five Republicans voted against the motion that it did. This would be rather like saying that human activity cannot affect gravity therefore aircraft don't exist.

Sarah Palin - no I'll stop there.

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