Friday, 8 May 2015

Erith & Thamesmead
Election Results

Number of registered voters – 81,825

Apathetic non voters are the clear winners in Erith & Thamesmead with a huge 17,999 non vote lead over their nearest rival, Labour candidate Teresa Pearce.

As our electoral system doesn't allow non votes to be counted, it means that Teresa Pearce (Labour) has been elected to serve the Erith & Thamesmead consituency.

Anna Firth's (Conservative) shameless jumping on the 'Save our Splash Park' campaign caused by her Tory Council chums wanting to sell of all our parks to pay their huge wage bill doesn't seem to have endeared her to many people with only 14% of local people wanting her as their PM.

Ronie Johnson's UKIP, who didn't stand at the last election seem to have hoovered up all the old BNP votes and a good few of the Tory ones as well. I suppose with little industry in the local area that would go totally tits up in the event of our leaving the EU, it means they are going to be quite popular with the 'can't count past 10 without taking their socks off' section of the electorate.

I was recently told by one UKIP supporter that there are 4,000 laws imposed on the UK by Europe but he couldn't tell me what any of them were.

Simon Waddington's Lib Dems have as good as vanished with their vote from 2010 dropping from over 5,000 to less than 1,000

Ann Garrett (Green Party) can go back to campaigning against anyone in Thamesmead being able to get over the river without a twenty mile detour.

Sidney Cordle (Christian People's Party), whose 255 supporters agree with him that bad weather is caused by gays and Graham Moore (English Democrat) who, if nothing else, proves that not all people go into politics because they are power mad megalomaniacs.

Anyway, the actual results are as follows (the percentages are to the nearest 1%)

Don't Care, None, 39,208* (48%)
Teresa Pearce, Labour,  21,209 (26%)
Anna Firth, Conservative, 11,684 (14%)
Ronie Johnson, UKIP,   7,368 (9%)
Simon Waddington, Lib Dem,  972 (1%)
Ann Garrett, Green, 941 (1%)
Sidney Cordle, Christian People's Party, 255 (<1%)
Graham Moore, English Democrat, 188 (<1%)
*Didn't vote for anyone

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