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The Bonehead Saga

The next episode

If you are one of my regular readers you will be aware of the antics of one Joshua Bonehill-Paine (now calling himself Joshua Bonehill). 
He's back

This loathsome Nazi troll set up a website called The Daily Bale which posts fictional stories about how the country is being overrun by Communists, Jews, Romanian immigrants, etc., etc. Think of the Daily Mash run by Himmler and you get the idea. I published an article about one of his stories (seen here). This featured a painting of a South African child, stolen from the artists Flickr account and used to promote a story about an English child supposedly kidnapped by an Asian grooming gang from a shopping centre in Croydon. 

Another story about how a pub in Wiltshire had banned members of the armed forces in case it offended Muslims got him a community order after thousands of other morons who believed the story threatened the pub and it's staff.

If you want to see a prime example of his journalistic style, then this should tell you all you need to know. I do recommend reading it. I know I could be accused of providing him with publicity but lots of people listened to Lord Haw Haw and we still won the war.

It seems he is now back, with his new, slimmed down name and running another website calling itself 'National British Resistance'. His tactics remain the same however and one of his most recent stunts was to take a picture of a Church in Carlisle, move it to Wiltshire and then invent a story about how it had been turned into a Mosque and that all the people buried in the Churchyard were going to be dug up and moved. Despite the ludicrous nature of the story, it didn't stop thousands of idiots sharing it on Facebook though.

You can read more about this story here on my favourite hoax busting site. I suggest everyone should bookmark the site and refer to it any time they are thinking of sharing some idiotic story that appears on their Facebook page.

Water, Water Everywhere

Speaking of Facebook pages, I was recently referred to an article in the Daily Mail about the amount of salt in bottled water. 

This got me onto one of my principal grumps, which is about people who are fooled by advertising gimmicks and claims about products which are exaggerated or downright lies.

The bottled water industry is one of the most polluting in the world. Behind all the claims about purity, health and vitality and the pretty images of mountain springs, lakes and other scenes of a pastoral nature is a cynical, self serving business which manufactures a need for a product by using public ignorance about health matters and it's obsession with 'alternative' lifestyles.

Before any of you goes out and buys another bottle of water, please take a look at these links

You will need to download the film from the webpage but it is well worth it. If it doesn't play properly in Windows viewer you may need to use DivX or Quick Time. VLC will work if you are running Linux.

London, where's that?

Episode 4

Recent stories about London posted on the BBC text news page.

5 men are travelling (it doesn't say how) from Brighton to Berwick to raise money for cancer research. They are not going via London as far as I am aware.

Welsh children have seen a drop of 11% in the value of their pocket money.

Man dies trying to recover a ball from a lake in Bletchley, Bucks.

New leisure centre being built in Flitwick, Bucks.

A £5.6 million improvement plan for a road between Slough and Maidenhead.


Bexley Council Style

27 July 2014
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