Thursday, 15 May 2014


I've just had this brilliant idea. It's like this -

I keep a separate email account for shopping - you know, when you buy something online and they ask for your email address and you just know they are going to spam it even though you have made sure you have found the place that says "don't not un-tick this box if you don't want us not to send you exciting information about our products" and they ignore it and spam your inbox anyway. 

Having a separate address for all this junk to go into is handy because it can hold all the stuff you asked for them not to send even though it can sometimes take you quite a while to find the opt-out button. (One retailer even hid it in the 'terms and conditions' page, you know, the one you never look at and just agree to because it's fifty pages long and who wants to read all that stuff? That was really sneaky).

It's still a pain though because sometimes the retailer sends me something I actually need to know and I miss it because of all the junk. In April alone, I had twice as many spam messages as genuine ones and May is shaping up to be the same.

Oh yes! The brilliant new idea.

Why don't I create a new email account each time I buy anything, then I can just delete it at the end of the transaction and they can never bother me again?

Sometimes I'm so clever, it's scary.

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