Friday, 8 November 2013

Even more Bonkers than Bexley

You have to laugh. It seems that other local authorities have been reading the "Bexley is Bonkers" website and decided to join in the fun. This appeared on the BBC News Website on Friday and frankly, beats anything Malcolm Knight has managed to dig up about our favourite bunch of loons. Has anyone from Bexleyheath Town Hall moved to Milton Keynes lately?

The Dagenham Blaze

I know this was last week but I've not had much time to publish much so better late than never. I saw the smoke first from Belvedere Station where I was doing my Poppy Selling bit. From there it looked like it was coming from the Church Manorway Industrial Estate. Someone told be it was in Dagenham and when I got home it was on the news so I grabbed my trusty camera and headed of down the river. I would have spent more time taking pictures but it started to rain heavily and I don't have a waterproof cover for my small lens so I had to beat a hasty retreat home. Glad the smoke wasn't blowing this way though. 

This image was taken from just beyond the Golf Course

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