Monday, 14 October 2013

It Came From Outer Space

I'm getting increasingly cheesed off with my TV.

Switched it on to watch something while I ate breakfast - should have known better.

There was a documentary about building the Panama Canal. Amazingly, it didn't involve lots of fat, loud-mouthed Americans shouting at each other in a swamp/logging camp/car repair garage/truck cab/pawn shop/auction house,/gold mine, etc. etc., or even how it was built with the help of the flying saucer people. Don't laugh – the History Channel (yes, that's 'History' Channel) has been showing a series of programmes about how the aliens were involved with everything from Nazi war weapons to helping Joan of Arc defeat the English Army, and probably caused the Biblical flood at the same time. It wasn't even a 20 year old BBC documentary with David Attenborough so I thought I might take a look.

I saw 30 seconds of programme about the Panama Canal then they stopped to show me a trailer about a new programme called 'Inside the American Mob' which features a lot of fat, loud-mouthed American crooks. We then had a commercial for Ambulance Chasers 4 You, then another one for BT Broadband, Thomas Cook, The Postcode Lottery, Vista Print, Direct Line and Indonesian Airways; there then followed another trailer, this time for a programme called Meet the Polygamists which is about a bunch of American religionists who are even more scary than the flying saucer people.

I didn't get to see the rest of the original programme because I had finished my breakfast and decided to write this piece instead. I suppose there's always X Factor.


  1. And I thought I was the only one who resented the Americanisation of the UK !

  2. It has been suggested that Cormorants lack oils in their plumage, thus the "hanging out to dry" routine. How reliable that is I dunno.
    Good bird shots.
    Morrisson's are often as described here, I find.