Friday, 27 September 2013

Swan Upping II

This picture was taken by my Wife of the swans referred to in my previous post. It was taken a little while ago and as you can see in the background, the barrier is already there so it didn't stop them. I suppose they could have just flown in.

British Gas Strikes Again

I don't believe it. Decades ago, TV Consumer Rights programmes like "That's Life" regularly featured stories about British Gas sending customers demands for £0.00 and threatening legal action if it wasn't paid. It seems it has never stopped, stories continue to appear about strange and even bizzare threats this company makes against it's customers. One of the latest is this gem, featured in the Metro on Thursday. It seems that they got a court order to break into a woman's flat to disconnect a non existent gas supply. Read about it here.
Metro Link


It seems that the invasion of the False Black Widow Spider marches on. They have now been seen all over the area. If you want real nightmares just have a look at this News Shopper article. The milder climate in the UK caused by Global Warming is encouraging their spread from the South West of England, where they first appeared, to the rest of the country. I wonder - if you don't believe in Global Warming, does that mean they won't bite you? Personally, I'm not scared of them at all. No, really.

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