Monday, 23 September 2013

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I thought I would start this blog with something cheerful. A Grey Seal swimming around in the Thames by the Crossness Sewage Treatment Works Outfall. I have seen it here before, or one like it, but it was back again today. Grey Seals really don't like polluted water so to see one in the water being pumped out of works shows just how clean it must be. Crossness STW has suffered from a bad press in the past, what with all the nasty smells and all that; living just a mile from the place, I can vouch for just how pongy it can get so it's nice to be able to give some credit where it is due.

According to the BBC, the organisers of the Eurovision Song Contest have announced rule changes to make cheating more difficult. I find it absolutely astonishing that anyone should care who wins the damm thing. I remember Terry Wogan, who used to host the UK TV coverage always saying how he was surprised just how seriously other nations took it. Foreigners, eh!

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