Friday, 18 March 2016


I'm not usually one for campaigns and petitions ever since I saw Penn and Teller persuade hundreds of people at a hippy convention to sign one demanding a ban on water. This is different as it is personal.

Regular readers of this blog will know I am a regular visitor to the Crossness Nature Reserve and have spent many happy hours there watching and photographing the wildlife.

It is now under threat of being virtually wiped out by a massive development proposed by Cory Environmental on part of the brownfield site next to the reserve. If this were to go ahead, it would completely overwhelm the designated nature reserve and destroy most of the last remaining grazing marshes in South East London.

As part of a campaign against this proposal, there is going to be photoshoot at the nature reserve at 10:30am on Friday 1st April (this is not a hoax) where we hope to get as many people as possible for a group photograph that can be used for press release.

There will be banners and Skylark kites for protesters to wave so please do come along if you can and bring your friends and family too. You can find directions easily by Googling Crossness Nature Reserve.

Some of the things we could lose forever if this proposal goes ahead.

Linnet. Seriously declining.

Little Ringed Plover

Pochard. Increasingly rare

Ringed Plover. Red listed as globally at-risk seen here nesting where a huge
warehouse will be built.

Kestrel. Increasingly rare


Little Grebe

Skylark. Increasingly rare

Juvenile Wheatear passing through on it's way South for the Winter.