Sunday, 4 February 2018

Bexley is Bonkers is a blog published by local campaigner Malcolm Knight. He has long been a thorn in the side of Bexley council and regularly highlights the ludicrous, shady and sometimes downright illegal goings on of councillors and council officials. This has resulted in him being the subject of a campaign of harassment which included the publishing of obscene and homophobic blogs by one local councillor and of being falsely threatened with prosecution by Police acting as lap dogs for the council.

For the last few months he has been reporting (quite sympathetically) on the case (or several cases) of Maxine Fothergill, Bexley councillor for the Collyers ward and who also runs Amex Estates and Property Services

It is in relation to Maxine Fothergill's behaviour towards members of her staff at Amex, who she falsely accused of theft, that has taken up no small amount of Malcolm's time; not least because he made absolutely sure that everything he reported was accurate; much of which taken from official  or other equally reliable sources.

Maxine Fothergill however has decided that Malcolm Knight's accurate reporting of the case brought against her by her ex employees constitutes harassment and made a complaint to the Police. The Police, for reasons known only to themselves decided to bring a prosecution against him despite them now already being in some serious trouble over the way they went about dealing with her lies about her staff members at Amex. (They knew that she had been lying for several months but still kept her innocent victims under suspicion for nearly a year). 

As far as I can gather, the Police have said that it is only necessary for someone to claim they are being harassed for them to take action, the facts of the case are irrelevant. In other words, if I claim you are harassing me, that's enough to see you in court.

As a result of all this, Malcolm Knight now has to appear at Sevenoaks Magistrates Court on 27 February to answer this ludicrous charge. I understand that he is now receiving some proper legal advice which I hope will include the fact that anything he says either directly or indirectly about the case is protected under court immunity rules.

I do hope he take this golden opportunity to disclose any information about the activities of this and any other Bexley councillor that he might not have been able to in his blog.

Please take the trouble to go to Malcolm's site at "Bexley is Bonkers" by following the link; there you will find out the full story and see why it is so important that people like Malcolm Knight can continue to publicise illegal council activity without the threat of prosecution.

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